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Can I Listen To Christmas Music?

No.  You can't. Days Until You Can Listen To X-Mas Music Countdown Don't even think about putting on the Bing Crosby. It's NOT fine. Want a reminder for next year? Drop your email address in below and we'll make sure you remember: Welcome to the Official "Can I Listen to Christmas Music?" Project site Yep. That's right. We're the folks who decide when it is *officially* A-OK to listen to Christmas tunes each year. Join us by either subscribing to our email newsletter in the box above, sharing this site on your favorite social network (using the buttons on the right above), or by "Liking us" over on our offical Christmas Music countdown Facebook page ! So, Why the need for a countdown? There's this notion of "Christmas Creep" that some call 'exploitative', but I frankly welcome. I'm Jake Parrillo, the founder of the CILTCM Project, and I've written about the Ch