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Yes! Today is *The* Day!

It has been 311 long, agonizing days.  But we made it!  Today marks the turning point towards the holiday season.  Sure, there's still that pesky Thanksgiving and it's needy stuffing to be dealt with, but let's be honest:  it is all Christmas from here on out.

And that means, officially, that we can now tune into Christmas music.  Go ahead, break out the She and Him Holiday record.  Or that weird Bob Dylan Christmas in the Heart album from a few years back.  You can!  Nobody is going to judge.

The countdown clock on the homepage now says ZERO.  Let's celebrate with a little "Baby it's cold outside."

At Midnight, This Happens...

Just like we've been hoping for since December 26th last year!

Poll: Do You Agree With Christmas Music on November 1st?

We know that November 1st is a provocative answer to the question of "When can we start listening to Christmas music?" arises each year.  We stand by our date selection, but wanted to hear from you.

Have your say by casting a vote in the poll below:


The Hour is Upon Us

Less than 24 hours until we can crank it up and put away the Halloween stuff.

Our friends at Buzzfeed summed it up really well thusly:

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Comparing Notes on The Right Time To Start Listening To Christmas Music?

Turns out, we're not the only ones in the business of debating the right time to listen to Christmas music.  The fine folks at Buzzfeed covered the phenomenon last year and even polled their audience.   And they're saying that the traditional date (right after Thanksgiving) is the right date.   From this piece published on November 25th last year:
But the winning entry, with 40% (or about 14,000) votes, was “The day after Thanksgiving.” 40% is a pretty convincing number.  But, we're not traditionalists and that's why the countdown clock shows just 35 days left today.  Head over to our homepage to tune into the countdown - and share it - here.

Updated Countdown Clock for 2016 Season

Attention Christmas music nerds:  The calendar may, indeed, say May.  But that doesn't mean it isn't time to interrupt your inboxes about Christmas music.  Check out the homepage of the "Can I Listen to Christmas Music?" project and you'll find a brand, spanking-new countdown clock.

We upgraded the clock this year to make it a responsive object and one that you can embed in your friendly blog or tumblr or what-have-you, if you are so inclined.  And...being subscribed to a Christmas Music countdown site, me thinks you're inclined.

Check it out here.  We've also pasted the official CILTCM countdown clock below, too, but we're not sure it will show up in email.   You *might* need to click here to see the clock in this full post.  Otherwise, enjoy below:

Days Until You Can Listen To X-Mas MusicCountdown
This year, we've called the *official* CILTCM date/time for Christmas music.  It is Tuesday, November 1, 2016 at 6:00 am Central Standard Time.  That …